The Dos of Men’s Underwear!

They may be known as unmentionables, but we’re devoting this entire post to men’s underwear.

Selecting the right underwear can be bit troublesome as it doesn’t just matter to you but also to your partner, and sooner you realise better it turns out. When it comes to purchasing for undergarments, most men would just select the conventional black and white boxers or briefs. Gone are days for wearing the same old boring underwear. Men’s underwear comes in several styles and materials to suit any occasion. From loose styles to form-fitting designs that provide support and sexy cuts for showing off, there is a considerable range of underwear out there.

So vast, that for the inexperienced it can get a little overwhelming. Which is why this article has dos of shopping and wearing men’s underwear.

  • Do replace old, worn out pairs of underwear

When your underwear starts to get holes, has a little rip or the fabric begins to buckle it really is time for a change. So have them replaced. Replacing underwear should not be a once a year event and nor should it be left for Santa to decide. Underwear stores have special offers and a variety of new styles all year round so take advantage.

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  • Do experiment with different styles

You only wear men's underwear and other outfit styles that are all about being you. In fact, don’t you choose men's erotic underwear that makes you feel comfortable and confident in? Under the category of men’s underwear, you will be able to find so many different options to choose from. You could choose from men's jockstraps, trunks, briefs, boxer briefs, and thongs for men and so many others.


  • Do wear only one that fits well

We would say that it is not only about the fit that matters for your underneath fashion, the men's underwear style should also be of the type that it moves around with you. If your underwear for men moves with you, you will be able to feel the comfort and confidence below the belt which matters the most.


  • Do regularly wash your underwear

When it comes to grooming, you would certainly count bathing, clipped nails, perfect haircut, and other options. However, grooming also counts for keeping your innerwear clean. Underwear is there to catch faecal matter and stop it from getting onto your other clothes. If you’re not going to wash it regularly, then what’s the point? You’re only asking for a host of problems: fungus, bacteria build up, rashes, jock itch, bad smells to name but a few.


  • Do try out different material and technology

There have been a number of advancements in materials and technology used over the last decade. ELMIRP uses fiber in collections, providing a smoother material than cotton. Micro modal underwear has a silky, super-soft, luxurious feel and it absorbs moisture better than cotton, keeping you dryer. Made of a proprietary fabric which is a mix of 95% Micro model and 5% Spandex, ELMIRO provides superior comfort and support.

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